My "Oh Shit" Moment

I missed my flight back to America...because of an oyster

Laura, New York
June 8, 2020

So, ideally you wouldn't eat any foods that would upset your stomach on your trip, but I'd especially advise on keeping your last day before travel relatively "safe" to hopefully prevent any digestion-related issues on your journey home.

I learned this the hard way when I was traveling back to NYC from Taiwan. My uncle took us out to dinner for our last night and I was tantalized by some raw oysters on the half shell at the fancy buffet. I'm normally an oyster lover and it had been a while since I had any, so I dove in.

The next day, I was vomiting in a bathroom stall at the airport from really bad food poisoning. In fact, I was so ill that airline employees called a doctor to evaluate me. The doctor then barred me from getting on my 15+ hour flight back home! He said my food-poisoning was severe. He believed the risk that I would need medical attention on the flight, causing the plane to land mid-flight, was too high. But despite my pleading that I would endure it, he would not allow me to board the flight.

Luckily after some more pleading, the airline booked me on the same flight the next day without any change fees, but I was still stuck paying for a place to stay that night and then having to get another doctor evaluation in the money so I could be cleared to fly.

lesson learned

  • Don't eat "risky" foods while traveling, especially on your last day before your trip back home!
What's the weirdest thing that made you miss a flight?
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