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Keep Your Feet From Hurting in Hiking Boots With Superfeet ADAPT HIKE MAX Insoles

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It’s true. You can only climb as high and hike as far as your feet will let you!

Even with proper hiking footwear, it’s common for your feet to ache when hiking. But ignoring the aches and pains can lead to chronic injuries and unsafe hiking conditions. However, you can help minimize feet soreness and enhance comfortability by simply pairing your hiking boots with cushioned insoles.

Proper foot care for hikers is essential. By keeping your feet happy and providing the support and comfort your feet need on the trails, nothing can stop you from exploring the world (injury-free)!

How to relieve sore feet with hiking insoles

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Why do I have sore feet in hiking boots?

It’s normal for your feet to ache after your hike, even with proper, technical hiking shoes. 

The constant pounding hikers' feet endure, especially on rugged, elevated trails, can be a lot of stress and strain on our feet, knees, back, and joints. 

However, if you’re experiencing lingering foot pain, there may be underlying issues that need attention, including plantar fasciitis. 

The plantar fascia, a band of tissues on the bottom of your foot, supports your arch and absorbs shock as you walk. Overuse of the plantar fascia, from activities like running or hiking, can cause inflammation known as plantar fasciitis. This inflammation is a common cause of chronic foot pain. 

What are hiking insoles (orthotics)?

Insoles are used in hiking boots for additional cushioning and support. Hiking shoes can feel uncomfortable on the trails because the bottom are typically stiff and not contoured to your specific feet. When you add cushioned insoles to your hiking boots, the insole's foam will adapt to the natural contours of your foot, making each step more comfortable.

Another benefit of hiking insoles is that they efficiently distribute the impact of each step you take, minimizing the stress and strain on your feet, knees, back, and joints. Cushioned hiking insoles can also provide plantar fasciitis relief.

Growing up in competitive gymnastics, I struggled with constant knee pains, shin splints, and foot soreness from the pounding my body endured from the sport. And issues got even worse when I started sprinting and jumping for my high school track team. 

It wasn't until a podiatrist prescribed a pair of orthotics (highly customized insoles) to minimize the shin splints and knee pains when I realized the benefits of insoles on my foot health.

When I started to hike seriously after college, I transferred these orthotics from my running sneakers to my hiking boots and immediately noticed the difference. Not only was there significantly less impact on my ankles and knees, but my arches were less fatigued on the trails, no matter how rugged the terrain. 

I was finally able to hike more without sacrificing comfort!

A female hiker is inserting a pair of insoles into her hiking boots in front of several red and orange canyons.
Using a pair of cushioned insoles in your hiking boots can keep your feet from hurting or aching on the trails!

Hike further with Superfeet’s ADAPT Hike Max Insoles

Fortunately, you don’t need to go to a doctor for a customized (and extremely expensive) pair of hiking insoles!

You can get a technical, high-quality, and affordable pair of insoles for your hiking boot anywhere, including your local running store, outdoor retailer, and pharmacy!

After my original orthotics died, I spent years hiking without insoles and immediately noticed the difference. My arches would cramp quickly and my knees were constantly aching, even on short, less-challenging trails.

I finally invested in a pair of Superfeet’s ADAPT HIKE MAX insoles after all of my coworkers raved about it while working at my local REI retail store. I immediately loved that these cushioned insoles are affordable and universal to fit most hiking shoes by trimming them to size. With just this single pair of hiking insoles, I can swap them between my trail runners, hiking boots, or whatever shoe I wear to hit the trails.

Even though these hiking insoles are affordable, the ADAPT HIKE MAX insoles don’t sacrifice performance. After going out on several trails in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation, one of the stand-out benefits of these hiking insoles is how thin and flexible they are. You don’t even notice they’re inside your boot! The flexibility of these cushioned insoles allows me to hike as naturally as possible, flexing my foot and making every step as efficient as possible.

My arches, knees, and lower back felt significantly less stress and strain during my hikes. The AerolyteTM foam layers with the cushioned heel work together to allow my feet to relax inside my boots while providing the extra support my boots didn't have. 

The affordability and functionality of my ADAPT HIKE MAX insoles have been critical in providing me the foot relief and joint protection I need to hike further, safer!

A female hiker is squatting and holding a pair of hiking insoles for her hiking boots.


Looking for more comfort for your feet and joints on your hikes? I highly recommend putting cushioned insoles into your hiking shoes. Hiking insoles will give you the support your arches need and minimize the impact on your feet and joints, especially on rugged terrain. 

To truly transform your outdoor adventure (literally with each step), try Superfeet’s ADAPT HIKE MAX Insoles! These cushioned hiking insoles are affordable, have a minimal profile, and flexible enough to minimize foot fatigue and joint pain, keeping you on the trails for more adventures!

Keep your feet happy and transform your outdoor adventure!

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